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please follow the  instruction and rubric each one.

1. Task: Draft the Presentation Script

Your task is to draft your oral presentation. Please read the instructions carefully.

Write a 400-500-word script that explains an important, life-changing event in your life.   ( script will not use when we speak in the video.


Use the following questions to guide your writing:

  • Which event stands out the most in your mind?
  • Are there people from this event that have impacted you?
  • What makes this event transformative?
  • What, where, when, who, and why?
  • Why is this event important and how did it shape you?

Use the essay structure to organize the points. You should have

  • a hook or attention-grabbing beginning;
  • a clear narrative structure that connects the evidence and examples;
  • details and examples that explain or support your main idea; and
  • a strong conclusion.

Tips on Structure

  • Craft a title that conveys your main message or thesis.
  • Put the argument up front: the title and opening paragraphs typically state the argument or main idea.
  • Use short paragraphs, not the lengthy paragraphs often used in academic and college writing.

Tips on Voice and Tone

  • You can use the pronoun “I” in personal writing and to connect with the audience.
  • Script your draft in your own voice. How would you explain the idea to a friend?
  • Feel free to use expressive language, such as irony and figures of speech.
  • Be specific: use concrete language and vivid writing.
2.  you will do other task that relate to the script you will do 

Record your Oral Presentation based on the script you wrote.  Try NOT to read directly from the script. Try to speak naturally based

on notes you make from the script.


Since you are writing an autobiography, remember to:  

  • Write in the first person
  • Introduce yourself in the first paragraph
  • Give details as to time and place
  • Use descriptive language
  • Express your thoughts and feelings
  • Revise and edit by reviewing the assignment description and rubric to make sure you meet all of the bench marks of the assignment.


you should use powerpoint  to incude some pictures