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it is an Masters research project

I am writing a capstone project of 40 pages. I am done writing 30 pages, just left with the last 10 pages. I need help regarding my findings and conclusion. The submission is tomorrow afternoon.

ow long should be the guidance, and recommendation for action?the optimization is your subject; the guidance and recommendation should be then a main focus in your work
where do I need to put the certificate of Authenticity? after Abstract or at the end?last page of your work with your signature and can I download the format from the internet? You can download or write down from the IU; see the guidelines;
and I have added both the Interview (coded and interpreted) in Appendix, after the table of contents. you have written ‘Appendix’ by interview. I did not get what you mean?your tables related on coding and so on should in the appendix of your work; you have to evaluate the interview in the main text according to your objectives and according to your main subject


This is what is important for my Tutor. He has written me in the emails what he exactly needs