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1. Draw a detailed process flow diagram that captures all the places where Jimmy’s Suit House has the inventory of suits. (Hint: please review all underlined words carefully.)
 2. Please calculate and provide the following numbers: a. The average number of suits that customers hold b. The average number of suits in the inspection station (waiting and being inspected) c. The average number of suits in RapidClean d. The total average number of suits that JSH owns to do business (i.e., the total average number of suits in JSH’s process)
3. If JSH wants to reduce the number of inspection workers, what is the minimum number of workers required to ensure the capacity is sufficient?
 4. Complete the profit and loss statement using your answer from Questions 1 & 2. What is JSH’s daily profit (including the depreciation)? 5.
 A transportation service provider offers JSH a contract with the unlimited shipment of the suits to/from PerfectClean. With such a service, a batch delivery is not required for the shipment between JSH and PerfectClean, but it still takes 0.5 days to ship suits. The provide asks for $1000/day to provide the service. Should JSH accept the contract? Why?