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Occupational Health and Safety

You are the HR Officer assigned as Case Manager to assist in managing the return-to-work (RTW) plan of an injured worker. There will be a list of assignments on the website detailing which worker you have been assigned to. The stories for each worker will also be posted on the website.


This assignment has two major components.


Part 1: RTW Plan

You are assigned the case of an injured worker for whom you must create a formal Return-to-Work Plan.  The RTW Plan will be in formal business memo style, addressed to all key stakeholders in the plan and will reflect the understandings and agreements worked out by you with each of those stakeholders. Review the marking guide to see what components you need to include in your memo.


A good RTW plan will not exceed 3 pages [keep in mind your audience]. Remember that you are an HR Officer; so, none of these people works for you, rather you need to persuade them and solicit their assistance and participation. You can be directive where you have legislative support for this and you need to refer precisely to any Act or Regulation when you do so.


Part 2: Stakeholder Communications

In addition to the plan, you will append the comprehensive communications you have had with all stakeholders that are necessary to the success of your RTW plan, and you will identify roles and responsibilities for each stakeholder, including the timelines and reporting relationships between them and you. Do this piece first! Communications can include any or all of emails, business memos and transcript notes of telephone conversations.  Each communication must be in a style appropriate for that medium and must clearly identify whom the correspondence involves and the appropriate addresses and dates. Remember to address any privacy issues!


The correspondence in support of your plan will be in addition to the plan itself and should be on individual pages—i.e., I do not expect to see the transcript of a phone call with the employee’s doctor on the same page as a memo to their manager.