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Observing the Intellectual Classroom Environment (5 points)
This portion of the observation is on the way the classroom is organized for academic
excellence, or the ways it falls short. Questions to consider during this observation include:
How are students grouped? How does the instruction provide opportunities for all students to
demonstrate learning? Do all students have access to participation in the work of the group?
Why/Why not? How is participation distributed? What questions, statements, and actions
does the teacher use to encourage students to share their thinking with one another? What
does student talk reveal about the nature of student thinking? Is there evidence of planning
for cultural relevancy? How does the teacher’s understanding of each student as a learner
inform how the teacher pushes for depth and stretches boundaries of student thinking? How
does the teacher scaffold the learning to provide all students with access to the intellectual
work and to participate in meaning-making? How does the teacher differentiate instruction
for students with different learning needs- academic background, life experiences, culture
and language?

I wark in the school please warit about it


twin cities international school  in minneapolis MN  and its chareter school and its in very diverse community Iam teacher at this school and you can talk about the   the Intellectual Classroom Environmentplease add pelagraism repot thamks