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Food Insecurity and the Food Assistance Programs                                                                                                                 Mothers and Infants: Nutrition Assessment, Services, and Programs                                                                                       Children and Adolescents: Nutrition Issues, Services, and Programs                                                                                       Healthy Aging: Nutrition Assessment, Services, and Programs

Toxic Production of Food and its Effect on Human Health

B. Complete a review of literature on the topic (no less than six articles) utilizing professional referee journals, library databases, etc. APA refrences. It must include the following:

· The history

· The epidemiology and prevalence

· Cause and effects

· Information on the affected population (cultural and environmental influences, behaviors, etc.)

C. Complete a community assessment:

Step 1: Set the parameters of the assessment.

Step 2: Develop a data collection plan. [See Sample Data Collection Resource Resource Table below.]

Step 3: Collect data.

Step 4: Analyze and interpret the data.

Step 5:  Share the findings

Step 6: Set priorities. Step

Step 7: Choose a plan of action.

D. Include the behavior model(s) and strategies that best applies to your population

E. List intervention strategies for your Project’s population

F. Prepare the community health intervention

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