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Goal:  Present the findings of a research paper on a suitable topic pertaining to new trends in corporate communication.

  • The subject/topic/ problem related to a new trend in communication
  • You can choose any topic and must get feedback from me for this assignment
  • You may choose topics such as

o   Conducting a study on how a trend/tech diffuses through an organization

o   Barriers and enablers of a trend in an organization

o   Needs assessment of a target audience prior to introducing a technology/ trend

o   Attitude study of a target audience prior to introducing a technology/trend

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction
  3. What is the study’s background? What calls for the study?
  4. What is the purpose of the study? What is the research problem?
  5. What is the significance of the study? In other words, why is this study important?

  1. Literature Review
  2. What have previous researchers found, wrote, or theorized about this area of communication research?
  3. What is the theoretical foundation of the study? What theory/theories are you using to guide your study?
  4. What are the key concepts in the study? How is each defined? What has been studied about each concept in previous literature related to your topic?
  5. Your theoretical arguments to propose the research questions, hypotheses or conceptual model.

  1. Research Questions/Hypotheses/Conceptual Model
  2. What are your research questions? Hypotheses?
  3. Diagram your conceptual framework or model.

  1. Method: What method will you use? Quantitative or qualitative? Survey, experiment, in-depth interviews, focus groups, or content analysis? Why do you choose this method?

  1. Who will be your study population or sample?
  2. What sampling procedure will you use? Probability or non-probability?
  3. How will you recruit your sample and when/where will you conduct the study?
  4. How was the analysis done?
  5. What did you find? Interpret the data.
  6. What are the implications of findings?
  7. Future research?
  8. Bibliography

Make sure-

-At least 10 Referred books, articles, or internet resources should be mentioned

– No plagiarism