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Upload your Week 6 report here. This week’s report should draw from the lectures on Labeling and Critical Theories.

For these assignments, you are to use at least one of the theories discussed in the prior week to argue why a suspect is either likely or unlikely to be the murderer. Your group should be working together to narrow down the suspect pool, but you will each individually submit these reports. To be clear, all group members need to write and submit their own reports. While you can choose the same person as other members of your group, your reports should be in your own words. An example of how this might look is copied below:

The Age-Graded Social Control Theory states that an individual is likely to engage in criminal activity when their social bonds are unstable and not of high enough quality to provide informal social control. Information from the case reveals that Theodore Mullins had trouble at his prior job. Theodore was a high school history teacher at Stockbridge High. He was asked to leave after displaying gendered microaggression boarding on the line of verbal abuse for 9 years. Information also reveals that Theodore’s relationship with his wife and children are unstable. He and his wife have a strain on their marriage due to her being the main breadwinner of the household and also due to his fragile masculinity. Theodore has no relationship with his children. He claims that he and his daughter have nothing in common because she is a female and his son is trangendered which he doesn’t accept. Based on this information, Theodore has an unstable relationship with his wife and children, meaning he lacks quality bonds to conventional others who would act as agents of informal social control. Additionally, he was fired due to microaggression towards women which is the gender of each of our suspects. Considering all of this information, I believe Theodore is likely the killer.


These reports can integrate information from the case files or weekly information requests, but should be predominantly concerned with the theoretical reason(s) a suspect may or may not be the killer. These reports do not count as official guesses for the murderer. In order to get full credit on this report you must:

-Identify one suspect either likely or unlikely to be the killer

-Use at least one theory from the week’s lectures along with the information provided about the suspects to make an argument as to why the person is likely or unlikely to be the killer

-Specifically apply the tenets of the theory in the explanation

*These reports should only be about 1-2 paragraphs in length.

*Below is the link for the suspects, victims, and other important info