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The paper will include:

  • what is the movement/skill

  • assessments of each phase of the movement

  • major joints involved

  • all major muscles that play a role in the movement

  • eccentric and concentric muscle actions causing joint movements

  • muscle and joint actions through each phase of the movement

  • joint structures

  • planes of movement  and axis

Your project will be 4-5 content pages in 12 pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced in a Word Document format with 1” margins and will NOT be in an outline format. Please feel free to use 1-2 pictures and a graph for the anatomy chart. However, they do not count towards the overall content page requirement.

You need at least 5 peer reviewed sources (textbooks or peer reviewed research), APA format (title page, in text citations and reference page).

Failure to follow format results in automatic 10% reduction in grade on assignment….half the page requirement = half the credit.

be specific with all muscles and joints