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Morton Smith; Jesus the Magician?

3 full pages (825 words) 

for citations used in text!!! ex. (i.e., “Author, source, page number” in in-text citations or endnotes).

— cite Morton Smith, Jesus the Magician!  & for the other citation use the attachments also linked  below!

prompt: Morton Smith makes the controversial argument that the historical Jesus is best understood not as a Messiah, but as a magician. Do you think that Jesus is best viewed as a magician? If so, why? If not, how would you characterize the historical Jesus?

 – Argue that Jesus is not a Magician but  Messiah!!!!

Be sure to address the specific sources that Smith uses to construct his argument. And be sure to acknowledge and refute any potential weaknesses of your argument. You may find it useful to incorporate the academic sources (Tylor, Fraser, Mauss and Hubert, etc.) and historical sources (Plato, Ps-Plato, Pliny, Augustine, etc.) we discussed earlier in the semester in your response. [the names listed are credited, theologist, philosophers, etc]