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Eighteenth Century/Moll Flanders – For this project you will use both Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders and The Old Bailey Online, . Search this website for characters resembling the characters in Moll Flanders. Find three different people, male or female and write a one-page history of each person in which you discuss the particular crime and their involvement. This history should be solidly based on what you read in the archives. In some cases, however, you may find little information about an intriguing individual. In that case, you may fill in the blanks with a historically-informed  narrative. Make a historical judgment about the missing details and elaborate (as long as your story is rooted in the truth you find in the Old Bailey records). 

You must include the following information about each person: Name Crime and date of crime Location of crime Criminal activity (what is the accusation? What was witnessed?) Role in crime (witness, prisoner) Place of origin (where do they live, where are they from?) Age, if known. Reference number of case Who is this character most like in the novel Moll Flanders?In some way, your narrative should connect the three people you choose. They could have been involved in the same crime, from the same region, of the same occupation or other similar features.