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Goal: Learn about mnemonic strategies and compare their effectiveness in real world situations.

  1. Using one of the mnemonic strategies listed below, create a mnemonic device to help remember specific material (e.g., problems with eyewitness testimony) taught in this course or material from Cognitive Processes B ([last semester] e.g.; pathways of sound processing from the ear to the language areas).
  1. a)            Putting the Information into Rhyme
  2. b)            Setting the Information to Music (you can create and post a clip!)
  3. c)            Acrostics
  4. d)            Acronyms
  5. e)            Keyword Visualization
  6. f)            Chunking
  7. g)            Method of Loci
  8. h)            Pegword Method
  9. i)             Chaining (mnemonic linking method)

See the article Mnemonic Strategies: Helping Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Remember Important Information (Bakken, 2017) on Moodle for a description of some of these strategies. Other resources (of the many available, feel free to search):

5 Mnemonic Strategies to Help Students Succeed in School

  1. Please explain why the method you chose is the best (relative to the others in the list) for the type of information that you have chosen to teach [up to 500 words].