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Discussion this week will center on conducting an MSE. You will explore the components of the MSE and demonstrate its use in clinical practice. Your discussion this week should include the following aspects:

  • Using information from a client you have recently worked with, write a mental status exam of the last clinical encounter with this client that includes at least the following components:
    • Appearance and general behavior
    • Speech
    • Mood and affect
    • Thought process
    • Thought content (including suicidal or homicidal thoughts)
    • Perceptual disturbances
    • Sensorium and cognition
    • Insight
    • Judgment
  • Explain how the MSE can inform clinical risk related to clients’ suicidal and/or homicidal ideation.
    • Outline the steps that you would take if a client indicated the presence of suicidal thoughts during an MSE.
      • What additional questions, screening tools, or assessments might you use?
      • Who would you notify and why?
      • What steps would need to be taken to ensure the client’s immediate safety and safety going forward?