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The rough draft should have a clear claim

2. The rough draft should be double-spaced

3. The rough draft should have in-text citations from at least two different sources and the rough draft should have a works cited page

4. The rough draft should be at least 750 words long (approx. 3 pages)

5. The rough draft should be structured like an argument essay

6. Before class, you should upload the draft twice—-once to the peer review discussion board area (so other students can read it) and once to the Turninit area for the draft so that I can read and leave comments on it.


Source 1 –  Gupta, Riya, and Rachna Agrawal. “Are the Concerns Destroying Mental Health of College Students?: A Qualitative Analysis Portraying Experiences Amidst COVID-19 Ambiguities.” Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 2021,


Source 2- Melcher, Jennifer, et al. “Digital Phenotyping for Mental Health of College Students: a Clinical Review.” Evidence-Based Mental Health, vol. 23, no. 4, 2020, pp. 161–66,


Source 3- Jaques, Natasha, et al. “Predicting students’ happiness from physiology, phone, mobility, and behavioral data.” 2015 International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ASCII). IEEE, 2015.


Source 4- Delen, Erhan, Jeffrey Liew, and Victor Wilson. “Effects of interactivity and instructional scaffolding on learning: Self-regulation in online video-based environments.” Computers & Education 78 (2014): 629


The problem I’m trying to solve is the mental health of college students  since The topic I have chosen for Major project 1 is about college students and their mental health. I would want to focus on the past and post of covid because covid played a part in college students career. The pre would show how life was before the pandemic but how stress and low mental health has always played a big part in the college lifestyle. This is important because there was a high rate of sucide during the pandemic. My solution would be to create an environment in which students are comfortable, such as I saw in a reading , having counselors in the resident halls, having work loads be reduced or exempted , having mental health check ins, and more activities on campus.

n the second paragraph I would say that how pre covid was for college students and see how their mental health was

– third paragraph would be about post covid – the increase in poor mental health on students as life tries to go back to normal

My solution would be to assign mandatory check ins with all the students once a month and those who want to go more have te options to, advocate the mental health center more by sending out emails the beggining of each mont reminding students where the center is and how tier welcomed to go. Maybe even consider having a conselour in each resident hall making it easier for students to go talk to someone as quick as possible