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Mental Health in students athletes

\Mental health has a

direct influence on how we think, feel, and act. It
influences how we deal with stress, how we interact
with others, and how we make decisions. Therefore,
it is critical to care for it in the same way that we
care for our physical bodies. A healthy relationship
between mind and body is essential for optimal
athletic performance. Any alteration in the balance
between physical and mental performance usually
creates a cause-and-effect relationship: with mental
health problems it will lead inexorably to an
equivalent physical result. As an athlete and
student, I have always experienced a certain level of
stress when correlating studies and sports. I will be
speaking about the factors that can cause mental
struggle. I would also like to focus on how mental
health affects students in their performance in
classes and in their due sport, so I will be
highlighting some of the several types of mental
problems students can create. Mental health has
become a fundamental problem in our society and
even more in student athletes like myself, therefore
Im choosing this topic because I would like to bring
some awareness and hopefully help those