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Media Project

The purpose of this assignment is to show that you have command of the course material and can use it to analyze content similar to what we have studied in the course. Select a song that has helped you during times of loss (this can be loss of a person, companion, animal, romantic relationship, friendship), death, abandonment, grief, or that has provided you strength and/or was a source of empowerment during these difficult times.

  • Briefly summarize the message you interpret from the song and discuss your connection to this song.
  • Provide a collection of images (this can include your own personal photos, personal artwork, fair use photos from the internet, etc.) that come to mind when you hear this song. Any use of music will need to include a disclaimer to avoid copyright infringement.
  • You will need to apply three (3) sociological conceptsto your analysis – clearly identify them.

– please see the attachment.

You will need to thoroughly discuss these concepts in your project, why you chose them, and connect them to the class and the course material we are discussing. I would define your concept before you start your critical analysis. Critically analyzing a concept is MORE than just defining and summarizing. *Note: you are relating the concepts you selected to your song, experience, etc. not necessarily having the artist specifically reference a concept from the class.

  • Your images, interpretation, and discussion will be the content of a media project you will submit for this class.


It’s imperative that you follow all the instructions I am providing below:

  • Your project can be submitted as a YouTube video, narrated powerpoint, Flipgrid, etc. for me to review. Please note that whatever you share in your video will be private and not shared with the class.
  • The video/presentation should be between 5 to 10 minutes long. You will need to narrate your presentation in your own voice to personalize the project.  Stay within the time perimeters (going over or under will result in point deductions).