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Write a 5-8 page paper applying the material covered up to that point in the semester through lectures, discussion, and the textbooks to a book, film, painting, photograph, poem, YouTube video, etc. depicting a (or multiple) disability issue(s) on the social, political, cultural, or spiritual significance of the selected media piece to society.

Using the topic areas described below, you will need to summarize the piece of media:

  1. What is the media piece about (provide a brief summary of the media platform selected)?
  2. What is the issue shown in the media piece?
  3. Why do you think the issue is important?
  4. What disability is depicted?
  5. How common is this disability in society?
  6. Is this an accurate portrayal of this disability and people with this disability? Why or why not?
  7. What model of disability was the media piece using?
  8. Was the person (or persons) with a disability integrated or excluded from society?
  9. How does this media piece potentially affect society?
  10. How does this help or hurt society’s image of this disability and disability issue?
  11. How have your past experiences with disability impacted your feelings on this piece of media?
  12. What is your personal reaction to this media piece (critique the media piece)?