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Marketing Analyst

You have been hired as the Marketing Analyst to the CMO. Please choose one of the companies below to finish this assignment

Sosandar wants to expand its reach into France or Sweden

Nazara wants to expand its reach into Brazil or Argentina.

1. What are the 3# key Marketing metrics that you should look into for your client? Support your analysis with specific data/charts/regression. One of the Metrics should be CLV. What analysis /insights can you give to your CMO to increase/expand/enhance these metrics to be able to expand their customer base into the suggested country?

Please feel free to find the public data source and then cited it.

Your recommendation report to the CMO should be a Maximum of 3# pages this includes text, charts, images, analysis, references.

Your submission:

1. Word/pdf – Maximum of 3# pages which includes text, charts, analysis and references. Cover page is not included in the 3 pages.

2. Excel workbook – Includes data analysis, charts, regressions, calculations. References for each data should be on their specific sheets. Format of excel: .xls or .xlsx only. No pdfs for data analysis.