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Managing Operations and Marketing

Subject – Value Creation in Organisations – Managing Operations and Marketing

Assignment – Tesla Business Report

4,000 words Report + 400 words Executive Summary

*Treat it as academic business report for Tesla, NOT assignment.

*Resit – To show Data or Information (reference) accessed on December 2021.

Harvard referencing

  1. Must meet all details on the attached “20220102 – Requirement”

   – Go thru the below recorded class which mainly on assignment review, provide more guidance on the structure of the report.

   – Must include the basis table, figure and appendix which requested by the lecturer

– All the table, figure and appendix etc must be created at PowerPoint, cut and paste into report, as per Lecturer’s requested. (Word file not the right place to create table, figure and appendix etc)

    – Table, figure, appendix, graph, chart etc (included the source) count as 1 word.

    – Required to support the content with fact or data, not only mention.

  1. Prefer to have the 1st draft before 01/04 for lecturer’s review.
  2. 2nd or 3rd draft depend on lecturer’s review.
  3. Final work for lecturer approval before deadlines.