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Management and leadership

Answer each question with atleast 5 ROBUST sentences
Module 3

  1. Management and leadership differ. From your experience, which of the four areas discussed in the lecture have the most influence organizational success? Be specific in your response.

  2. Please provide a detailed example where both leadership and management skills are necessary to successfully achieve goals.m

Module 5.

2. The Leader-Member Exchange Theory (LMX) discusses in-groups and out-groups as ways to describe the experience of leadership. What are the benefits and challenges in each of these groups? (Consider benefits and challenges for both leaders and followers.)

Module 6:

  1. What stands out as useful about Fiedler’s Contingency Theory and Path-Goal Theory? Why? Please address specific aspects from both and cite appropriately using APA or MLA formatting.

  2. After taking the Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire, share what leader behaviors you lean towards and your reaction to the results. In what ways have you seen these tendencies displayed in your life?

  3. In what ways might perceptions of subordinate motivation introduce bias, stereotyping, or assumptions into the path-goal theory? How might increasing your attention and engagement in seeking to understand others address this concern?

Module 10

  1. How do you currently use the components of emotional intelligence in your daily life? Make sure you cover at least 4 out of the 5 components.

  2. Of the five Emotional Intelligence components, which component is the biggest area of potential growth for you? How might you work to develop this component?