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Assignment Details: 

Your analysis must address the following scenario / loan request:

Your company is creating a subsidiary to sell a new product / service and the CFO has asked your bank to provide that subsidiary with two loans that meet the following needs:

Company Name: FICO Revolving line of credit Commercial mortgage
Purpose working capital building purchase
Amount $10MM $15MM
Term at least 3 years 10 years
Amortization none 30 years

You should write Loan Request Summary for about 3 page long based on above terms.

Use attached Figure 4.1 as a guide. You should expand the above terms and conditions for each loan to include others that are appropriate based on chapter’s readings.

I have attached this instructions, Chapter and Figure 4.1 for your guide.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Due date is 28th March 2022 by 12 PM EDT.