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Literary Analisis Essay

This Essay has to follow the outline sent. The Essay is a final draft.
Please read the PowerPoint on how the Essay has to be written. The outline is how the Prof. needs the Essay written. There are 2
Articles you have to write from in the Essay and the story this Essay is written about. The Essay is a Literary Analisis Essay. We want
to analyze how bullying is presented in this story and what we can learn about it from the expert sources that we have; bullying is
the theme of this Essay. The thesis should either be physical bullying or emotional bullying, with the elements of the story can be
how bullying can affect someone or how bullying can be resolved. Either one can be used.
When coting from the articles, this is how it has to be done with open and close quotation marks with the author’s last name in brackets with the full stop at the end.
“The behavior is not welcome to the person being bullied”(Steel).
“Aside from the bumps and bruises that occur during physical bullying, additional physical costs”(Gordan).
“same as above”(Wilkens).