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these are essay questions intended to allow you to express your personal understanding and application of the content covered.  Please communicate your responses in three to four written paragraphs.  Please do not use bullet points.  Citation is not required unless you are using a direct quote from an article.  Be very mindful of your paraphrasing.

1. In the article, The Role of Nonprofit Human Service Organizations in Providing Social Services: A Prefatory Essay, the author outlines the ways that nonprofit organizations have both improved and reduced access to services in society.  Using this article for context, please answer the following questions.
  • In your opinion, are nonprofit organizations a more effective way to deliver services to communities rather than through the government?  Why or why not?
  • Given the contribution to the overall economy, why don’t nonprofits have more power in society?
2. Understanding the relationship between external environmental factors and internal operations is an important leadership behavior.  Using the lecture on theories of organizational behavior, please compare and contrast the following:
  • Resource Dependency
  • Institutional Theory
3. Using the Schein article, Coming to a New Awareness of Organizational Culture as context, please compare and contrast the ideas of positive and anxiety-avoidance problem-solving.  How do these ideas impact organizational culture and climate?