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Many times, research studies use multiple different descriptive statistics to answer research questions. The article for this assignment uses seven different kinds. However, for this assignment, focus on the portion using the t-test, since this is the most recent test you have learned. Use the article text and tables to answer the questions below. This assignment is worth 30 points.

Article for this assignment is posted in MO2: Awofala, A. A., Akinoso, S. O., & Fatade, A. O. (2017). Attitudes towards Computer and Computer Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Computer Anxiety. Acta Didactica Napocensia, 10(3), 91-108.

  1. Did the researchers use a dependent or independent t-test? (2 points)
  1. What level of significance (α) did the researchers use? (2 points)
  1. What was the null hypothesis that they tested using a t-test? (6 points)
  1. Looking at table 3, what was statistically significantly different and what was not?

(Report as variable (i.e. AFC), t308 = X.XX, p = X.XX (significant, not significant) – example = AFC, t308 = 1.64, p = .102, not significant) (10 points)

  1. Write a paragraph explaining what this t-test found (only the t-test portion, not the entire study). Hint: there are seven results in the t-test so the paragraph should address all seven. (10 points)