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  • Identify an issue, effort, project, or program that a government agency is involved with, either by itself or in partnership with another government or private organization.
  • Identify whether they are working on a problem to be solved or an opportunity to be achieved – or both.  Do you believe they are being reactive or proactive toward the issue (or both) and explain why.
  • Through the agency or news media websites, research the issue’s background.  This should include reading staff reports published on the website.
  1. Complete description of the issue and why the issue is important.
  2. Describe your research process – where you got the information, what meetings and/or sites you visited and what you learned from that experience. 
  3. Description of at least one principal or concept this issue demonstrates: (e.g. – Cooperative Federalism, Reinventing government, Policy Cycle, Rational Decision Model, Public – Private Partnerships, Strategic Planning, etc.).  May use more than one principals or concepts.
  4. Describe, in detail, of how the issue demonstrates the given principal or concept.
  5. Describe how did they attempt to address the issue, in detail.  What are the major problems, challenges involved in achieving success?  Did they succeed or (if not yet done) do you think they will succeed?  Explain why.
The link provided is the meeting on San Diego project I have chosen. It is based on ITEM-2: East Village Quarter (Tailgate Park) Disposition and Development Agreement – Padres Development Team. 
This section of the meeting begins and ends at (29:56 – 1:03:09)