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  • Based on what you have learned from Chapter 19, discuss what is meant by the “think global, act local” approach to global marketing and advertising? Discuss some of the ways marketers can adapt their advertising to local markets.
  • Your response should be no longer than 50 words.
  • The response to this discussion question will count as participation points. Make sure you provide a thoughtful response to the questions and that you check for typos and grammar mistakes.
  • This discussion question will be open, that is, all of your classmates will be able to read what you wrote and make comments.
  • I strongly encourage you to make comments on what your classmates wrote. However, be polite.
Classmates to respond to:
1. To “think global, act local” ensures that your brand will stay strong while your product appeals to the local target market. Some ways marketers can adapt their advertising to local markets are to be flexible while still keeping the brand’s essence by understanding customer segments and focusing on customer experience.
2.  Thinking global is considering the environment of each country and how the language, customs, tastes, lifestyles, and ethical standards are considered when creating an advertisement. Global advertisement can be difficult, and very few products and services are suited to appeal worldwide. An alternative is to consider local needs for products or services, which will provide a global advertisement with a local perspective.