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Answer the following question in an essay form, using at least 750 of your own words. This word minimum does not include quotations from the text, though they are welcome. I must warn you, plagiarizing on this assignment will be disastrous for your grade. Do not copy and paste anything from the internet into this assignment, even if you plan to change words around. If you have any questions, just contact me and I will help you.

The topic is: Is mass incarceration “the New Jim Crow?”

1. What is mass incarceration? Use your own words.

2. Describe Alexander’s argument that mass incarceration is “the New Jim Crow.” If you are stuck, you may want to also consult “The Rebirth of Caste” available here (beginning on page 15).

3. Next, describe Forman’s critique of Alexander. He says the analogy has limits. What are they? Do a good job.

4. Which of these arguments do you agree with more? Explain why. If you don’t agree with either, that’s fine, just explain why not.

5. Think back to Tobi Haslett’s “Magic Actions.” What is Haslett’s main argument about the position of black people in American society? What does Haslett see as the main problem?

6. Do you think Haslett agrees or disagrees with Alexander? Why?

7. Do you think Haslett agrees or disagrees with Forman? Why?

8. What are Haslett’s solutions?

9. Do you agree or disagree with what Haslett thinks needs to happen? Be specific.

10. What do you think needs to happen to achieve social justice in the United States? If you think the US is already perfectly just, that’s fine. Just explain why you think so.