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Introduction to Culture, Technology, Communication:

Final paper: based on the long list of topics discussed in-class, the essay (1200 words) examines one (1) topic area examined in the NPF 504. Topic is open and can be written about anything you choose based off one of the following areas:

Introduction to Culture, Technology, Communication: Signs and Symbols; What goes Without Saying, Cultural Presuppositions

The Wheel in Time and Space

The Watermill; Ishmael

Culture, Media Technology and Communication

Virtual Communication—Ancient to Post-modern; the Canadian Traditions of Social Consciousness in Culture, Media Technology and Communication; radio, film, TV; manufactured landscapes

Media Technology and Communication

The Power Elite: Big Brother and watching technologies; facial recognition; surveillance; manufacturing consent.

Communication and New Media

The Internet of Things; Deviance; Shelley Chartier

Communication and Social Media

Banksy, Tagging and Street Art; Pirates