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interview two police officer from the state of pennsylvania city of Harrisburg.

  • . (bicycle patrol, motor patrol, foot patrol, bomb squad, community policing, crime scene investigation, DARE, criminal investigator, DUI Team, hostage negotiator, crisis response team, juvenile detective, traffic safety, traffic accident investigator, school resource officer, mounted unit, narcotics, canine)Assignment
  •  2: Now that you have researched two (2) law enforcement agencies, I want you to begin thinking about specific assignments that you might to pursue after patrol. From the list of ideas listed above or other possible assignments that are no listed, choose three (3) as the basis for this research paper. After choosing two (2) assignments, conduct your research by personal interview a website, internet, etc.

  • Write the results of your research in a well-constructed type-written paper. Include the following: why you are interested in these assignments, historical and informational overview of each, general or specific standards/prerequisites to obtain each assignment, and benefit and salary enhancements, if any, related to this assignment. Be sure to cite all sources of your information!