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Interview an entrepreneur
The question is “Interview an entrepreneur” and write a paper about it.
“ Who is him/her? What is the product/service? What is the business model? How was it started (entrepreneurial journey)? How to sell the product or service? How did he/she get his first customer? What are the successful factors? What have you learned?”
This is a fictional character based on reality, and the content makes sense just fine.
The general idea I have so far is :This is a 35 year old guy living in the US who owns a chain of boba milk tea stores. The reason he started is because he found a lot of Asian people like Boba milk tea when he was in school. At first, he did not promote it, but in recent years, the Internet has developed and he started to promote it on the Internet. In recent years he has also introduced bakery products into milk tea stores and other practices that are in line with the current trend. The rest of the questions I do not have a very clear idea, please help me to add a complete, the overall content based on reality and reasonable will be fine.
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