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You must do a paper on dreams.  The main topic will evolve around the Interpretation of Dreams and the  Betterment of Dreaming Using Scientific Analysis. You must write a research paper on this using these two podcasts as sources:
The sources must be cited in APA 7th editions and the information in the paper must have in         text citations when necsasary. However, along with research information there must be reflections and thoughts about the information in the sources. Most of the paper must have your own   thoughts and reflections on the stories and scientific analysis in the podcast sources. Therefore, there must be a great number of thoughts and reflections along with the research done in the paper.
The title of the Paper will be “The Interpreation of Dreams and the Betterment of Dreaming Using Scientific Anaylsis.”
Also, I personally can not remember my dreams and rarely dream. So keep that in mind when doing the reflective thoughts in ur own words as you will be writing as if you were me.