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Each student is to take any product and consider the issues associated with exporting the project to a country of their choice.   Students must use library resources to consider marketing environmental factors that influence the exporting to products to the country of interest.   It is vital to include 20 factors and reference each factor and explain how they will influence marketing strategy.
This paper will be no longer than 7 double-spaced pages, excluding the abstract and references.  The first section will discuss the main attributes associated with the product (1 page).  The second section requires that you discuss 10-15 environmental factors (e.g., political, economic, legal, technological and cultural).  List each fact and then cite it, and then tell the reader how this fact is related to your project.  Only one fact at a time may be listed.  At least 7 sources must be included (2-3 pages).    The third section will require that you discuss up to 5 cultural factors (e.g., family orientation, and how the product is consumed within rituals) and you must include at least 2 unique sources) (1-2 page).  The final section will outline the marketing mix and discuss how the marketing environment caused you to alter the 4 P.s. (no more than 2 pages).