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Use your own personal work experience or interview someone you know who works for a multinational organization (preferably an organization which also has subsidiaries in Hong Kong).

Identify THREE problem issues related to International HRM. For each issue, analyze the situation using the theories and concepts from the textbook.  Then, suggest what you as an IHRM consultant might recommend to improve the situation. The final product of the project will be a paper of 10 pages, font size 12, single space, Times New Roman (excluding bibliography and appendices).  The paper should be organized into the following sections in this order:

  1. Introduction – Give a short summary of the organization and HR problems/issues in the workplace
  2. Analysis – Use relevant theories and concepts from the textbook to explain why each is a problem.
  3. Recommendations – If you were a consultant for this organization, what would you recommend to improve the situation?
  4. Justification – Using the theories and concepts from the class, explain why you think your recommendations would work. You can also cite successful benchmarks (examples) from other organizations.
  5. Conclusion – Summarize your paper and reflect on how this assignment may be useful to you in the future.