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Innovative Labor Shortage Solutions 

  • Select a company(s) to research within the HST Industry. This can be local or a large company or multiple companies that you can find information on with news resources (i.e., SkiftHotel News Now , Theme Park TouristSport & Athletic Management).
  • Research and discuss the creative solutions that employers have developed and implemented to help counter the overwhelming labor shortage within the hospitality sector of the business industry. There are several examples to be found (cite your work according to APA guidelines). Now that the businesses are back open and the government assistance has ended…the challenge still seems to linger. Several former employees left the industry, several retired, and contributed to the great “resignation/retirement.”  Identify the impact of this labor shortage. Report the latest statistics within the industry on the current available jobs. Discuss the solutions you have found that companies are now having to implement and discuss the typical hiring processes and procedures are now being eliminated or changed.
  • Tie in some of these strategies with the textbook or similar times in history that we have experienced other labor challenges and make sure to use at least 2 outside sources. Feel free to add some discussion that I have not preempted here.
  • include specific examples of challenges or highlights (use citations of module #/topic);
  • use specific company examples – several links are posted in Teams.
  • This paper must be written by APA guidelines (see appendix). – CITE YOUR SOURCES in a REFERENCE list and WITHIN your DOCUMENT as you use the information! The number of references MUST match the number of different citations within your paper! 
    • double spaced 1 – times new roman font of 12 pt
    • 1″ margins