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This discussion provides an opportunity to compare two different informative speeches.  Each has its pros and cons.  To begin, please watch the two videos posted below.  Then, in your initial post, please share which you found more effective and explain why.  Support your answer with specific examples from each presentation (which can also include ways you think the speech might be improved).  You are commenting on BOTH speeches in your post.  Note: let’s focus our discussion on the organization, delivery, and informative nature of the speeches, NOT on the speech topics

Be sure to check out the rubric first so you fully understand the requirements necessary to earn a full-credit post.

In your responses, make sure you question your classmates’ ideas and expand on points they make in order to build an academic conversation with the discussion board.

It is recommended (although not required), that students construct their initial posts and responses using the Canvas video feature (or YouTube upload).  Please make sure you speak clearly and have a well-formulated post or response before recording. If preferred, text submissions are acceptable; however, keep in mind that the goal of our course is to help you develop your speaking skills, and recording posts is a good opportunity for that. 

Note: This discussion requires you to complete your initial post before you can see your classmates’ posts. If you are having trouble getting started, please contact your instructor.

Initial posts are due by the 3rd day of the week and follow up responses are due by day 7 of the course week.

Video 1:

Video 2: