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You will have to write an informative research paper about a current advancement or issue in your field. This may be a new form of technology, device, cure, medication, software, practice, etc. For example, if you are in the filed of education, you may wish to do a research paper on adaptative technologies like MATHia or ALEKS, which are online learning tools students can use to get personalized tutoring and lessons in Math based on their  growth indicators.

growth indicators.

The paper must be 3-4 pages or 750-1000 words. It must be in MLA format, 12pt- font, doubled space. You MUST include a works cited page with at least 6 scholarly sources. You should cite sources at least three times in each supporting paragraph. Make sure your sources are from the online library databases. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA as a source. Visit for assistance with citing your sources in your paper. You should submit your research paper to the writing lab for review before submitting your final draft to your professor.