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In an argumentative essay, the cornerstone of the essay is choosing a nuanced side of an issue and defending your argument. In developing your topic for the research paper, consider an issue or debate you are passionate about. Your goal is to further the discussion on that topic by focusing on a significant point of contention, a piece of the issue that is under-addressed, or a perspective that, in your opinion, has not adequately been explored. You will develop an argument about this topic, but you should aim for it to be nuanced and complex. Your goal is to persuade your reader to agree with you.


You will begin by investigating a specific research question with a narrow focus. Your thorough research of multiple sources, and full analysis of your findings, will be the foundation from which you develop your essay. Your sources should be used as evidence to support, contradict, or expand on your ideas, and your essay must include extensive analysis around the question you explore.