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individually written blogpost

Your deliverables include 1 individually written blogpost (Assignment 1) that showcase your understanding of the discussed readings, cases, examples, and experiences, and also in relation to your  project case/topic. The blogposts are due in week 5 should be of min 1000 / max 2000 words. You can use your weekly homeworks as foundation of your blogpost, however, do make sure that you have one coherent piece of writing at the end (and not segmented answers to questions). In terms of formatting, do not forget to specify the copyrights/left of the images you use, do use hyperlinks and reference your sources.

In the file, there is 3 articles and 3 power points. 3 power points possess main information of each articles, so you canuse the powerpoint to clearly understand what each articles talks about.
after that , you can write a blogpost using 3 articles, it is not about answering the questions, its about writing a blogpost using main learnings from each articles and those information has to relate to each other.
you can research the case or make a example( with references)  that matches all the article so you can relate those from each other.