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individual review paper

I have already written about 2000 words, please add it to 2500 words!  Also the rubric is attached

Review papers are important outlets for research integration and synthesis (Palmatier, Houston and Hulland, 2018). They provide platforms for new conceptual frameworks, reveal inconsistencies in the extant body of research, synthesize diverse results, and offer a “snapshot” of a domain. In this assignment, each student will select a strategic marketing topic of her/his own choice (e.g., marketing management, services and customer satisfaction, green marketing, shared economy, promotion strategies, etc.) and create a review paper based on scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles less than 5 calendar years old that addresses the following goals:

  1. Resolve definitional ambiguities and outline the scope of the topic.
  2. Provide an integrated, synthesized overview of the current state of knowledge.
  3. Identify inconsistencies in prior results and potential explanations (e.g., moderators, mediators, measures, approaches).
  4. Evaluate existing methodological approaches and unique insights.
  5. Develop conceptual frameworks to reconcile and extend past research.
  6. Describe research insights, existing gaps, and future research directions.

Each student has to prepare a 2,500-word review paper to integrate and synthesize an emerging marketing strategy or a market phenomenon.


Palmatier, R. W., Houston, M. B., & Hulland, J. (2018). Review articles: Purpose, process, and structure. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 46(1), 1-5.