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Needs to be done on Google Slides.   FULL instructions are included in the attchment.

10 episodes.  First 5 for season 1, next 5 for season 2.
First, IDENTIFY & RESEARCH important events that reflect World War I and World War II and
create 2 seasons with 5 “episodes” each. Season 1 should cover World War I and season 2
should cover World War II. For each episode, write a description and add a clear image.
Your descriptions should be detailed enough to show your research and knowledge of the
event and/or events that led to or were an effect of either theme. Make the descriptions
interesting and catchy so the executives will be impressed and excited to watch.
Use the internet for your research. But BEWARE…Netflix demands that your ideas be original.
Do not plagiarize your information. No copy/paste.