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importance of addressing a public awareness campaign to a social or societal problem

Goal: To write a  research essay that has a claim-based thesis related to the importance of addressing a public awareness campaign to a social or societal problem that is either little known, or largely misunderstood. You should synthesize your thesis with a minimum of 8 well-researched sources that pass the CRAAP Test. This essay will focus on why the problem is meaningful and relevant, why the public should know and care about the problem, and why resources should be devoted to making the public aware of the problem and its implications and ramifications. Your essay should NOT dedicate itself to solving the problem.

Learning Outcomes

  • Produce an extended, well-supported argument using student-driven research methodologies.
  • Utilize analysis, interpretation and the evaluation of ideas, information, situations, and texts.
  • Synthesize, use fairly, and credit the ideas of others.


  • A thesis statement that clearly and succinctly defines a specific problem that is not already broadly and publicly acknowledged.
  • Organized analyses of the problem outlined in the thesis statement with concrete evidence that articulates those affected by the problem, how they are affected, when and where the problem occurs, and the short and long-term effects of the problem.
  • A well-supported explanation of what the world would look like without the problem – what it should be like (claim of policy), as well as a clear explanation of the importance of solving the problem, and what might happen if it isn’t solved.
  • Well-integrated evidence supporting the existence and scope of the problem using a minimum of 8 sources.
  • Sufficient in-text citations from at least six (8) credible, varied sources. These sources should be contemporary, in-depth and in a variety of formats (online journals, films, books, interviews, etc.) No encyclopedias, dictionaries or un-vetted online sources (blogs, wikis, etc.).
  • Proper MLA citations giving credit for all sources used.
  • An MLA Works Cited page including all cited sources.
Topic About Depression (in general)