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    Introduction – brief statement about the topic and summary of what the paper covers. This should be a paragraph.

  1. Main body – the details of your topic, including sufficient detail that “goes beyond” the related lectures and is well referenced. Provide good details if a new technology is explored. Offer a balance between cost, operations and environmental impact if applicable.
  2. Conclusion – summarizing your work, including any concluding arguments you have, if you have selected a topic that involves a debate.
  3. Reference page (not included in the page count) – at least three references, preferably more.
  • Professionally written, logical presentation and structure
  • Information beyond the lectures – “New Learnings”
  • Good supporting facts and sufficient detail
  • Not a lot of generalities and “fluff”, repetition to fill space etc., not a lot of “white                              space” to meet length requirements
  • Good use of multiple references
  • Solid introduction and conclusion
  • Balanced coverage of cost, environment, and operations, if applicable
  • Good grammar, spelling, and attention to detail
  • Opinions are welcome, with good supporting arguments and detail