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Emotion and motivation have a large impact on what we do and how we behave. For example, doing well in school and getting good grades often results in positive emotions (happiness, pride), and these positive emotions then motivate someone to study and do their schoolwork.

For this assignment, brainstorm examples in your life where your emotions have affected your motivation. Then, identify whether the motivation is intrinsic (doing something because it is inherently interesting or enjoyable) or extrinsic (doing something because it leads to a separable outcome; to obtain a reward or avoid a penalty). For example, if you study for general psychology because you find the material fascinating, then the motivation is intrinsic. However, if you only study for general psychology because you want an “A” to keep your scholarship, then the motivation is extrinsic.
You may also discuss how the type of motivation (intrinsic/extrinsic) influences how much you enjoy a task.
Length: 700 words min