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To complete this second parent,  you will compose an essay in the form of a letter to the editor in which you will focus on one aspect of the current immigration system that is not working or could be improved and make a recommendation for programs, laws or other actions that would help make the immigration system fair and just. A letter to the editor serves many purposes:  to suggest an idea, influence public opinion, educate the public and to influence policy makers or elected officials. You do not need to fix everything! Your focus will be to identify one current problem and the solution to make a change for the better.

Before you begin writing, review the required readings and your journal notes.  Select one problem pertaining to the Immigration system that you feel needs a solution. Begin to gather evidence from your course materials that explain what the problem is and why is it a problem. Also use the course materials to pull evidence as to what will help create a solution.

Paper Format & Grading Rubric:

Be sure your paper included each of the follow parts in the order given below.

Step 1) Open with a simple salutation. (worth 3 points)

  • To whom will depend on which audience you are trying to reach. Some examples include: To the Editor, To the Citizens of the United States, To the President, To Members of Congress, To all Presidential Candidates, and so forth.

Step 2) Grab the reader’s attention. (worth 10 points)

  • In 2-5 sentences, tell the reader what you are writing about and make them want to read more.

Step 3) Explain what the problem is (worth 15 points)

  • Define the problem you have identified with the immigration system today. Give key details and examples. Make it clear why this is a negative or bad situation. who or what is being impacted.

Step 4) Without giving a solution, explain why finding a solution is important  (worth 15 points)

  • Do not assume the readers have the same background or understanding of the problem/issue as you do. Be clear and give evidence that not only explains but demonstrates why a solution is needed.

Step 5) Identify your solution (worth 20 points)

  • State your opinion on what should be done and explain what the solution is in detail. Include key players or actions that will ensure it is accomplished. Be specific.

Step 6) Justifying your position (Worth 20 points)

  • Explain why this solution is the best option. Who benefits? Are there downsides? What would you say to the critics that oppose your ideas? Think about the overall principles of what good government in this state and nation mean and how well your solution fits in with these ideals?

Step 7) Sign the letter (worth 2 points)

  • Simple as that. Sign off with your name.


Remaining 15 points:

  • Correct Spelling and Grammar
  • Clear use of course materials from the Immigration Project Required readings and materials
  • Solid attempt to incorporate overall themes and facts from the course as a whole
  • Well thought out solutions showing critical thinking