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What it has to do

Identify a problem with technology

Explain in detail why this problem is a problem

discuss possible solutions for the problem

advocate for one or more solutions to the issue

use at least six sources in the essay, these sources must be explitcitly referenced
and cited in text

have a works cited page- all sources must be put in the works cited page

Assignment features an effective argumentative thesis statement, clearly and effectively
explains and expresses the problem at hand and supports the assertion that the problem is

a problem.
Keep a formal tone
The writer can choose easiest topic they think is easiest to research in order to meet all the requirements above
list of topics that can be chosen:
Vulnerability of national infrastructure to hacking
· Laws not keeping up with technological advances
· Corporate espionage and patent theft by other countries
· Filter bubbles and echo chambers
· Corporate censorship versus freedom of speech (shouldFacebook be able to censor what people say on their
· Right to the internet/major sites needed for modern life
· Lack of transparency with algorithms
· Automation and artificial intelligence leading to
· The ecological/environmental impact of our technological
· Government collection of data versus the 4th amendment
· Foreign powers attempting to undermine democracy
through online trolls/bots
· Fake news/deep fakes
· Securing elections from hackers· Forcing companies to build back doors into software and
hardware· Online radicalization
· Accessibility of technology
· Monopolies/Consolidation of power in giant tech companies
· Censorship of the internet in other countries
· Ethics of automated employment (should robots enjoy
protections the way people do?)
· Responsibilities of social media companies for what is
posted by their users
· Toxic communities on social media
· Net neutrality
· Mass surveillance· Private data collection and sales by companies
· Virtual assistants and privacy concerns
· Bias in artificial intelligence