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For the following topic, compose a 750-1000 word essay which includes a title, internal citations, and a Works Cited page in MLA format. This essay must use at least one secondary source from Chattanooga State’s library (print books, ebooks, or databases) as well as the primary text with which your essay is associated. (Note: A primary source is the work itself, such as The Odyssey. A secondary source is a work someone else has written critiquing some element of The Odyssey.) Please remember to use the current MLA formatting guidelines for both your internal citations and your Works Cited page. Failure to use and cite appropriate sources will result in an F for the essay. Please ask the instructor if you have any questions.

you will need to research both the thinkers of the period as well as the authors of the declaration. You should also give specific examples from the texts and your secondary sources.

Your essay must include a Works Cited page, internal documentation, and at least one scholarly source in addition to your primary text (the Declaration itself). Be very careful about your scholarly sources and ask your instructor to verify their acceptability. Remember to follow MLA format in all of your work and to review the syllabus guidelines for acceptable sources. In addition to the sources you find on your own, you can certainly use the films you have viewed for this class as well as the multimedia lessons from hippocampus. Be sure to cite everything.


*The essay meets the minimum required word count.

*The essay is written in third-person academic prose (first and second-person have NOT been used).

*The essay contains an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, body paragraphs supporting the thesis statement, and a conclusion paragraph.

*The essay has been documented using MLA format. This means MLA formatted internal citations have been included within the essay to show where information has been taken from both the primary and secondary sources. This also means an MLA formatted Works Cited page has been included as the last page of the essay.

*The essay uses the required primary source and documents the source using MLA format.

*The essay uses at least one required secondary source from Chattanooga State’s library (books, ebooks, or databases) and documents the source using MLA format.

*The essay does not contain more than 25% of outside material

(Lost your handbook or need help with citations? Use these websites: Purdue’s OWL website, Chattanooga State’s Citation Guide)

Trouble with writing or documenting the essay correctly? Visit the Andrews Writing Center – IMC 215 – where free tutoring is available.

The chattanooga state library is free to acess, just go to their website and the library click should in the top part of the web page!!