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Humor and Comedy in Society – Essay Response

This assignment asks you to compose a public lecture on a topic from the course that interests you and to illustrate it with historical or contemporary examples. In composing these lectures, you should demonstrate both command of the course materials and the ability to apply them outside of the class content.

The document titled “COMM 271 Public Lecture” has the instructions for this assignment. This is the first assignment/essay that requires information/sources from weeks 1-7 of the semester which I will attach below.

Attached Source Documents:

Week 1 – “Notes on Humor” / “Apte 1992” / “Morreall 2009” / “Plato Reading” / “Hobbes Reading”

Week 2 – “Notes on Comedy” / “Aristotle Reading” / “Rozik 2011” / “Segal 2001” / “Waisanen 2013”

Week 5 – “Notes on Amusement” / “Notes on Play and Humor” / “Santayana” / “Morreall 1987” / “Eastman Fun and Funny”