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Objective 1. Understand the methods that human traffickers use to victimize the professional.
Objective 2. Weigh the legal vs. illegal way to recruit nurses and doctors from third world countries.
Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is a problem world-wide. From labor trafficking to sex trafficking of adults and children, many are abused and need assistance. This week’s discussion will focus on human trafficking of health-care professionals. Foreign-educated health care workers are recruited from third world countries to work in first world countries. Many healthcare workers migrate for many reasons, and when the offer of better work environment and pay comes to the table, some of the migrants find themselves victims of trafficking. The required reading for this weeks discussion by Kingma, and Castro-Palaganas et al., will give you the information you need to write an initial post summarizing the article, your thoughts and one approach to how this problem could be solved, or victims assisted. Remember to back up your position with references, including the peer responses made.
Nurses on the Move: A Global Overview
Reference: Kingma, M. (2007). Nurses on the move: A global overview. Health Research and Educational Trust. doi: 10.1111/j.1475-6773.2007.00711x.
Human Trafficking and Mental Health: “My Wounds are Inside; They are Not Visible”
Reference: Zimmerman, C. & Pocock, N., (2013). Human trafficking and mental health: My wounds are inside; they are not visible. The Brown Journal of World Affairs. Vol. X1X (11).
An Examination of the Causes, Consequences, and Policy Responses to the Migration of Highly Trained Health Personnel From the Philippines: the High Cost of Living/Leaving-a Mixed Method Study
Reference: Castro-Palagana, E., Spitzer, D., Kabamalan, M.M., Sanchez, M., Caricativo, R., Runnels, V., Labonte, R., Tomblin, G., & Bourgeault, I.L., (2017). An examination of the causes, consequences, and policy responses to the migration of highly trained health personnel from the Phillipines: the high cost of living/leaving – a mixed method study.
*Students: If the PDF article is difficult to read or print, you can access the documents through the Pacific College Library, EBSCO.
Human trafficking is a serious public policy issue, from children forced to be sex slaves to professionals abused when recruited from first world countries. This week you will learn a little about the topic regarding professional nurses trafficked and the effects upon their home countries. You have the opportunity to voice your opinion and respond to other posts regarding this crisis.
Alternatively, you can conduct research on the unique role healthcare workers can fulfill in recognizing and stopping human trafficking.
Please write at least 4 fully formed paragraphs. I am looking for you to demonstrate critical thought and analysis.
You must also thoughtfully respond to at least 1 other student’s post, though I encourage you to do more!