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Please create a resources fact sheet for human trafficking in ONTARIO Canada.

Create a minimum of two and a maximum of 4 “fact sheets” for different audiences. This will be dependent on your specific topic. For instance, if your topic is on older victims of fraud, your fact sheets could be tailored to older adults and or family/friends of older adults; if your topic is sexual assault in post-secondary populations, your fact sheets could be tailored to post-secondary students or post-secondary staff, etc. The fact sheets are something you can put into your portfolio to highlight knowledge mobilization, knowledge synthesis, and knowledge translation for different audiences. See links below for some example fact sheets. The content of the fact sheets are up to you. You can highlight statistics, risk factors, prevention initiatives, and/or supports and services and how to access them. For the fact sheets, provide a brief discussion of who your audience is, why, and what the goal of the fact sheet is.
 Those are the professors instructions on this portion of the assignment and this is an example;