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Use the knowledge gained from my other writing
assignment to complete your own research
project (primarily based on secondary data analysis, and the application of theory). The essay needs to
include the following: a cover page, a brief abstract (half page max), an introduction (with your revised
thesis statement from WA2 included), secondary data analysis of at least three credible (published)
journal articles that you have found( including your revised version of WA2), a brief application of
theory (revised WA2), a brief hypothetical exploration of the methodology you would use for collecting
primary data on your research topic (revised WA2), an exploration of your findings, discussion, and
your conclusions. Be sure to use the sub headers listed below under the research process. All sources
for this assignment must have a publication year, at least three must be from scholarly journals with
author’s names, titles, publishers, vol. and issue numbers. You will lose points if you list URL/website
address for in-text citations, or use or Wikipedia to define terms (Use your textbook).
Your complete term paper must be no less than four pages long with an eight page max. You can find a
term paper grading rubrics on the cover of your syllabus.
The Research Process Explored (use the following format as subtitles):
Methodology: Analyze secondary data
Methodology (primary data collection not conducted but explored)
Discussion & Conclusions
Show your ability to apply terminology from the assigned readings and class discussions into your essay. It is
very important to note that this class is a discipline specific writing class and we will be using APA style citations.
You must demonstrate the ability to use the APA style tools you have learned in-class in all your writing
assignments this semester.
This essay must be written in proper left align paragraph format including all the above listed steps to a
research project. Be sure to write everything in detail so that any novice would understand the topic you are
exploring in your essay. And do not (don’t) use abbreviations.
The cover page should include your term paper title, your name, class meeting time and date centered in
the middle of the page. The writing assignment should be in proper left align paragraph format. Use the provided
sub headers. The body of the text should be double spaced using a 10 or 12 font size with 1” borders. The final
project should be at least four pages long (not including cover and reference pages). Students must use proper
APA in-text citation and a reference page for source documentation to give credit to another author’s work (and
include a reference page with the final project). To guarantee the assignments do not accumulate late points
they must be turned in on or before the beginning